What is Nightlight?

Nightlight is a 100% browser based Voice and Video chat platform with screen share, screen capture and document sharing.  It can be installed into any Site or SaaS platform with a single line of code allowing businesses to start using WebRTC within moments of signing up.  Because Nightlight is a browser based technology, it can be used on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet across both IOS and Android without a download.   

Nightlight Integrations & Applications

Nightlight is helping forward leaning companies differentiation themselves from the competition through creating highly engaging customer experiences.


Fashion Advice.LIVE 

FashionAdvice.Live is a platform that connects individuals seeking style advice with some of the most astute stylists on the planet.

Stride 365

Stride 365 is a running movement that is aimed at getting 2.5M people to run 365 miles per year by 2026.  The founder leverages Nightlight's video chat to connect with members and spur them on.

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Sports Trivia.Live

Sports Trivia is a live hosted sports trivia show where sports fans compete with other gurus for the chance to win money and prizes.